• Charity Scott

Help Us Connect the Dots

Starting Tomorrow!

Over the next four weeks, the IPS Community Coalition will be conducting a #ConnectingtheDots social media campaign to help jump start a deeper conversation about what is driving the changes to our school systems and what it means for students, families, schools, and communities. Each day over the next few weeks, we will provide many resources to help highlight who and what entities are behind the choice and reform initiatives; what the results of those initiatives have led to around the country and locally; who the local players are that are pushing these same failed policies in Indiana; as well as what alternatives exist that have greater promise for students outcomes and communities.

The coming school board, City County Council, mayoral, gubernatorial, state and US representative and senate races must include a deep conversation about education “reform”, and “school choice”. The outcomes for students, especially those who have historically been disadvantaged by our education system have not improved (students with special needs, language learners, impoverished and historically marginalized black and brown communities). Segregation by both race and class has increased, communities are losing their voice in school decisions due to “autonomy” and too many communities are losing their neighborhood schools altogether.

We encourage you to participate in our #ConnectingtheDots conversation by commenting, sharing and posting any additional resources to our post.

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