• Charity Scott

IPSCC Statement on Superintendent Pick for IPS

Congratulations to Ms. Aleesia Johnson on being named to the superintendent position. Given that she has been with the district for four years, first as head of the innovation office, then deputy superintendent for academics, and as interim and now superintendent, there is an expectation of the dramatic growth and improvement in academic achievement, graduation rates, and equitable distribution of resources to students and communities throughout the district that she called for in her candidate remarks. We hope that she delivers quickly on the urgent need for equity within the district, as she noted in her presentation to the board during the public interviews.

IPSCC looks forward to the next chapter of IPS as the largest public school district in the state. We hope that what is best for students and teachers will be the guide for all decisions. As always, we continue to be a voice to help hold the IPS administration and board members accountable for their decisions that directly impact the children and their families in our community.

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