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Racial Segregation At IPS School 70 Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

The Indianapolis Recorder published an article on June 24th detailing segregation in School 70. Read here.

What the article does not cover is that the more “choice” schools there are, the more racial and income segregation there is. (Remember choice means privatized charter or innovation schools with “privatized” management, meaning these schools are no longer controlled by the elected school board.)

Highly respected national research studies repeatedly show that when “choice” schools are increased, racial and income segregation is increased. For example, read here.

While the IPS leadership and school board constantly tout their commitment to antiracism, what they are not telling you is that their commitment to a privatized “choice” model of district schooling results in a commitment to race and income segregation in the district’s schools. However, since the majority of the board was elected with huge funds from non-Indiana, white billionaires supporting privatization, this should not be surprising to us.

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