• Charity Scott

School Choice - What's your story?

Have the schools you've chosen for your children not worked out? Have they suspended your child too many times? Or kicked them out leaving them without a school? Has their IEP been violated? Are they failing to work with your child at the appropriate level?

Do you need help advocating for yourself or your child? We are here to listen and help. Email us at ipscommunitycoalition@gmail.com, or click the contact us link.


A journalist as well is working on a story about schools in Indianapolis, Jennifer Richler. We hope you raise your voice in whatever way you feel comfortable. If you would like to remain confidential, yet still share your story - no problem!

"I'm a freelance journalist working on a story about how school choice (e.g. innovation schools, charters, etc) is impacting IPS, and I really want to hear from IPS parents. If you'd be willing to share your experiences and perspectives with me, please email me at jrichler@gmail.com. If you prefer to remain anonymous in anything I publish, that's completely fine. You can check out my published writing here. Thanks!"


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