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The True Nature of IPS Innovation Schools

The academic performance of K-8 innovation schools is stunningly bad, based on Indiana Dept. of Education data.

For Black students, the average NOT proficient in English Language Arts (ELA) was 86.3% and 83.9% for Math. At Urban Act Academy, ELA - 94.9% and Math- 96.9% NOT proficeient. At Ignite Achievement, ELA - 94.5% and Math 94.5% NOT proficient. These are horrible results.

National research over many cities just like Indianapolis shows that "innovation" type schools are not significantly innovative. In addition, all "innovations" IPS innovation schools are doing could easily have been done in traditional schools without causing the extensive disruptions and chaos of creating innovations schools.

IPS K-8 innovation schools are using a much higher percentage of new, inexperienced teachers than IPS K-8 traditional schools. Ampe research shows less experienced teachers are less effective (based on IN Dept. of Education data).

• IPS Innovation schools average 53.3% inexperienced

• IPS traditional schools average 35.4% inexperienced

Ample national research also shows that more innovation schools in a school district leads to more racial and family income segregation.

Makes you wonder what's really going on.

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