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You Can Never Trust The Mind Trust

Updated: Sep 1

Pinocchio-facts are a tool frequently wielded by The Mind Trust, so every single marketing message should be scrutinized.

There is no scientific basis to support any claims about ISTEP or ILEARN test scores from the past few years. Schools were still in disarray from the pandemic, and the same students aren’t even in the data pool for two consecutive school years because there was a lot of student migration. Yet, TMT twists data that measure a cohort of students, then claim it relates to a school's success without considering many other underlying factors. The real purpose is to sell the false flag of “good” versus “bad” schools to Black and Latinx families (the largest “market share”) who want “the best” for their children, as all parents do. It’s a play for the heartstrings that is founded on principles of marketing not education, and it uses invalid data to support their misleading messaging.

It's debatable whether current TMT claims about test scores are a relevant measure of success. But what is undebatable is that TMT throws bogus data points out there for marketing purposes, and then the echo chamber of #McCharter operators and business interests picks it up and amplifies the false claim.

Here’s one of many examples. The list of schools in the message “10 of the top 12 schools for Black student proficiency gains in Center Township are charter or innovation schools” is an obvious lie. No scientific study could conclude this based on test scores through Covid without tracking the results of individual students. But the biggest identification of a fake fact here is that Paramount Online has only one year of data, so how could there be any proficiency gains? (Yep, that huge of a lie.)

This graphic of misinformation using certain Charter logos is then distributed by TMT and, in turn, is used in an ad for Paramount Charter Schools (not part of Indianapolis Public Schools) that features a Black child dressed in school uniform reading the false statement written by TMT. How shameless and abusive to involve children in this type of marketing deception.

Everything that comes comes out of 🤥 The Mind Trust marketing machine needs to be better scrutinized for the truth because there is always an asterisk to every statement they post ( * perhaps this is why there’s an asterisk in their logo? They just don’t tell you what the qualifiers are in their disinformation.🤔)

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